Here is what some of our members have to say about Coffee Days:

“I received my parcel this morning! It is terrific… The aroma of the coffee was absolutely stunning and I am very much enjoying my first brew as I write this.”
Jayne McS,
Balnarring Beach VIC

“Coffee making is becoming quite a ritual at our place, not to mention the anticipation of each month’s new supply. Thanks for the excellent service.”
Ngaire G,
Redfern NSW

“Coffee Days to the rescue! Easter entertaining meant I ran out of coffee. I bought locally a brand of beans – it had a burnt aroma and bitter flavour no matter how weak I made it…Fortunately, or unfortunately, my guests drank all the good coffee.”
Marcia B,
Rozelle, NSW

“The coffee is magnificent. Very smooth and very strong. We have been Nescafeing for ages now, so we have noticed the difference.”
Janine C,
Douglas QLD

“This year [at Christmas lunch] I’m extra chuffed to big note myself with special coffee all thanks to you.”
Annabelle A,
Ingleburn NSW

“The coffee is different to the boring stuff I’ve tasted recently.”
Vaughan D,
Homebush NSW

“We really like it and definitely taste the difference. So far the coffee and service are excellent.”
Claire L,
Beacon Hill NSW

“My brother is a member of the club and I am the ‘barista’ in the family. We recently finished the Kenyan AA beans and I have to say they were excellent. I am also currently enjoying the 3-bean blend…Congratulations on a great service!”
Simon C,
Lugarno NSW

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The Coffee Days Mission Statement:
Coffee Days helps Australians
get more enjoyment from their coffee
by providing the finest coffee available
and an enjoyable coffee education.

There is an immense variety of coffee from around the world, from the chocolate flavours of African origins, to the earthy tones of South America and the lively fruity beans of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea… not to mention coffees from Australia. And all of these can be blended in an infinite number of combinations.

The flavours and characteristics of coffee can be every bit as complex as wine. But whereas Australians have developed a very good understanding of wines, that is not the case with coffee. It is Coffee Days’ mission to change that!

Coffee Days will give you the best coffees the world has to offer and interesting information to help you become a knowledgeable coffee connoisseur.

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When you join Coffee Days, you will receive:

- A different gourmet coffee each month
- Tasting notes describing the coffee in full detail
- All coffee is specially selected and optimally roasted by a Master Roaster
- Shipped fresh – within 48 hours of roasting
- Expert tips on how to best store, brew, taste and serve coffee
- Special member-only offers on coffee equipment
- Backed up by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Free to Join! There is no joining fee and memberships can be automatically charged to your credit card monthly, or you can prepay your membership. You can even purchase a membership as a gift for your favourite coffee lover.Back to top of page

Coffee Days works out to less than 70c a cup, even cheaper for Double memberships - an affordable indulgence. Much less than the cost of buying hot coffee and a hundred times better than instant!

Coffee Days is free to join – you only pay for the coffee you receive. See prices below or on our Join Now page.

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We are so confident that you will love the Coffee Days experience, that we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

And if for whatever reason a Coffee Days coffee does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money on that month’s shipment.

Freshness is guaranteed as we ship within 48 hours of roasting in resealable bags with one-way valves that allow the gases produced by freshly roasted coffee to be expelled, whilst keeping out the air and oxygen that cause coffee to go stale.
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Coffee Days has a range of memberships to suit you.

A Single membership includes 400g of coffee, which is enough for 40-50 cups – or one cup every day plus extras for weekends, guests and those days when you just need more than one cup!

If there is more than one coffee connoisseur in your household, or if you drink more than one cup a day on average, a Double membership is even better value. It includes 800g of coffee a month, which is enough for 80 - 100 cups.

There are also memberships available for small offices.

Coffee Days memberships
Single 400g of coffee each month $27.50 per month
Double 800g of coffee each month $47.50 per month
Small Business (5 people) – 2kg per month $74.50 per month